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RPCA-1 Remote Monitor
An Audio/Visual, ULC Listed, monitoring device intended for the control of automated filling devices for auxiliary supply tanks under CSA-B139 Code. The monitor supplies contacts to operate main and auxiliary pumping systems.
The monitor is equipped with audio/visual controls that are activated by the closure of a 5 position single pull/single throw ULC listed stainless steel float switch, a Tank-Pro® FS-5 Switch is available.
The RPCA-1 monitor is powered by a CSA 120vac/24vac CSA listed transformer and supplies a 24vac power source to open or close the contacts for remote pumps. The monitor is also equipped with emergency cut off high and low level circuits that are operated on a separate circuit system than that used by the motor operating system.
The RPCA series of monitors are available with Dry Contacts for each of the terminals to access Building Automated Control Systems.

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